I had a property in Milford which was currently empty and I was trying to find a tenant.

I got a call on the add that I had and agreed to meet this young lady at the property later that afternoon.  As I am waiting in the property I notice this flash black SUV turn up in the drive way.  Five people step out of the vehicle and one in particular looked big and intimidating.  Here we go I thought, thinking I’m going to end up with a rough burly bunch of tenants that drive an expensive vehicle – dodgy!

So as the others are looking through the house this big burly guy (with huge thighs I might add) starts talking to me.  So he says to me ‘is this all you do for a job’ taken aback I threw back at him ‘yes, and more to the point what do YOU do for a job?’  Oh he says, ‘I play rugby’.  And I’m like ok, ‘who for?’  ‘Oh the Blues, North Harbour and the All Blacks’.  So I’m thinking am I supposed to know you?  “And your name is?’

It turned out that he indeed was a current All Black and we did rent the property to him and his wife.  He even got a signed jersey by the whole team for the Owner’s s

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