I had a tenant move into a property and about a month or so later he called me and asked if I would speak to the owner about having a dog.

The owner was very obliging and allowed him to have one.

I called the tenant and told him that the landlord had given permission to have a dog on the premises.  The only restriction was that it must be well behaved and not annoy any of the neighbours with it’s barking etc.  “Great” said the tenant, and before finishing the call, I made an appointment to go and inspect the property on the weekend as was the landlord’s request to ensure that all was okay.

I turned up on the Saturday morning (5 days later) to be greeted by the tenant, his TWO dogs, and his TWO pigs!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes and told him he shouldn’t have done that without my knowledge or the landlord’s approval.

As it turned out, he was one lucky tenant, as the landlord was a dog owner himself and was previously a farmer.  He was quite happy about the menagerie of animals on the property as long as everyone around him was happy.

That would not happen very often I can tell you!  I guessed it would only be a matter of time though, before the neighbours would get onto me and complain about the noise and smell, and then we would have a different scenario.


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