A few years ago it was fairly common for Property Managers to hold Open Homes as did the Sales Agents.

I had a cute home in a very popular area and knowing that it would generate a lot of interest I decided to hold an Open Home.

As I expected there were many people wanting to view.  It was a small place and in a block of three so it was a bit crowded both inside and outside.  I remained in the corner of the lounge so I could watch what was happening and with a handful of application forms.

Once everyone had gone I went through the property to ensure it was all secure and as I was to leave by the back door there was a baby in a capsule!  A real live one!

Momentarily in shock, I took off up the driveway.  Sure enough down the road comes a very red faced couple.  I asked if they had forgotten something?

It was a bit funny as the baby was only a week old and they forgot that they had her!  Just momentarily of course!

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