Lauretta Kimber

Residential Property Manager

I can assure you that I take my responsibility as a Property Manager very seriously.

  • I treat properties as if they were my own and expect them to be treated accordingly.
  • I have studied six papers through the Open Polytech specialising in Residential Property Management.

Owning and maintaining a property is a specialised business. Whether you’re an experienced property investor or just thinking about buying we offer a number of services that will help you with your investments.


Comprehensive Reference Checks

All prospective tenants are subject to thorough reference checks. All parties are required to fill in a comprehensive Tenancy Application form. As a landlord you will have the final decision as to whether you will accept the applicant as a tenant or not. I have designed a comprehensive Tenancy Agreement which gives the landlord a strong position in the event of any tenancy dispute.


Monitored Rent Payments

Rent payments are carefully monitored and arrears are followed up diligently at all times. I have an excellent reputation with the Tenancy Tribunal and my knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act help to minimise rent loss.


Prompt Landlord Payments

All income and expenditure is recorded on my computer system. A monthly statement of account is provided. All landlords will be paid at the beginning of each month by direct credit and a detailed statement showing all transactions and rent status will be forwarded to you.


Cost Effective Repairs and Maintenance

Price, quality of work, and efficiency are the key factors. All repairs/maintenace will be referred to you for approval unless of an emergency.


Bond Collection and Control

Bonds are legally required to be paid to the Ministry of Housing within 23 working days of receipt. I recommend between 3-4 weeks bond and 1-2 weeks rent in advance at the start of the tenancy. I will record a thorough inspection which can be referred back to at the end of the tenancy. Fair deductions are made where they are appropriate.


Internal Property Inspections

In addition to the initial inspection maintenance inspections will be carried out every 12 weeks. A copy will be made available to you along with comments and recommendations. These frequent inspections are essential for quality property management.


Land & Water Rates

Land Rates can be paid on your behalf.

Water Rate are payable by the tenant on a user pays basis on all tenancy agreements. The main requirement is that each property has it’s own meter.


Problem Tenants?

  • Not Paying Rent?
  • Disturbing the Neighbours?
  • Pets on the Property?
  • Squatters?
  • Aware of the Residential Tenancies Act?


Tenancy Tribunal Representations a Specialty

  • Over 15 years experience in tenancy tribunal and mediation.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and the amendments.
  • I will make contact with the tenant to try to resolve the problem if not I will make the application to tenancy services, attend the mediation and the tribunal hearing on your behalf.


Residential landlords face a legislative minefield. While the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 is the main legal reference, consideration and awareness of other Acts is also important. These include: The Race Relations Act, The Fair Trading Act, The Swimming Pool Act and The building Act. All steps are taken to consider and observe relevant requirements as they are appropriate to your tenancy and property.