As you all would know, doing regular inspections is all part of the job being a Property Manager.

So I have my properties all scheduled and the required notice in writing to the tenants have well been sent and should have been received.

Off I go with keys in hand.  The first few properties were fine and I was expected.  This is always a good sign that the notice had been received so once you know the first two have had it then it would be expected that the others had also received the notice that I was due to arrive.

However, that was not the case on this one particular occasion. Here I am knocking on the door for a few minutes and no one answered.  I unlocked the door slowly opened it calling out as I walked in.

I’m walking through the property checking all the rooms and only one door was closed.  Assuming that no one was home I open the bedroom door and here is this guy that was asleep whom I had just given a huge fright to and he jumps out of bed naked!

I don’t know who was more embarrassed but this memory has stayed with me all these years.  I am so conscious of opening closed bedroom doors now especially when the house is quiet that I just want to not bother and turn around and walk out!

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