Hi my name is Lauretta Kimber and I started Bower Property Management nearly five years ago.

This blog is going to be about some silly and serious antics from tenants and hopefully provide some guidance and advice on renting residential properties here in New Zealand.

I started as a Property Manager nearly 16 years ago in a small town North of Auckland.  I was very excited when a young man walked into the office and told me that he had a place in the country that he wanted to rent out.  Great!  I could see my rental portfolio growing steadily.

I went out to view the property.  Quite an old shaggy looking place.  Dated decor and shabby furniture with a lot of rubbish lying around the section.  It was pretty rural with the closest neighbour being quite a bit away.

After about a week the owner started calling me every day to see if I had any interest.  One call he made to me I was so pleased to report to him that I did have someone through earlier in the day and I would get back to him if they were interested in renting the place.

The next morning when I got to the office I found messages to contact the Police and a certain Lawyer!  Apparently the property had burnt down overnight under suspicious circumstances and my car was the last one to be seen leaving the property!

The young man even had the audacity to accuse me of stealing the TV and a few other items before the fire!

Obviously none of this was true and I certainly did not set fire to the property.  As it turned out he had done this as there was a dispute over the place between his Mother and her partner and wanted the insurance payout to go to his Mother.

I was set up all along and it even made the local paper!

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