Interesting day today…..

I have been managing a property for a couple of years when now it has just been sold.

Initially I was to continue to manage the property until the current tenancy ended.  The property has been sold to a foreign investor with very little English and they informed me that they no longer need my services as they are going to take over the management themselves.

Considering they can’t speak English I am picking that their knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act will be minimal to zero.

So I decided to go on a bit of a crusade for a law change.  I am a firm believer that Residential Rental Properties should be by law, managed by a professional.  This would certainly free up a lot of the Tenancy Tribunal’s time so that we, that know what we are doing, can get in there and terminate a tenancy in a far shorter time frame saving landlords a great deal of money.

I decided to email my local MP.  I think my email was quite a significant complaint and quite justified.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this answer:

“While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if you are writing to express a personal view, your opinion will be noted but a response beyond this acknowledgement may not necessarily be sent.”

So I have to ask…  Why is he the local MP?  What is he supposed to be there for??

Well that didn’t stop me.

I’ve sent it to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and RTA Compliance.

Next on the list will be Paula Bennett and Nick Smith.

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