We had a rental property that we rented to a group of young Women.

After a few months we started getting phone calls from the neighbours complaining about the comings and goings at the address so we decided to take a visit.  As we hadn’t given any notice all we could do was knock on the door intending to have a bit of a talk.  I had a colleague with me and we were both surprised to see from the doorway half naked people wandering around with towels wrapped around themselves!

We soon figured out what was happening at the property and that the neighbours had every right to be annoyed and concerned.

We spoke to the owner and decided that as they were paying the rent and we couldn’t actually prove that what was happening was actually illegal, we gave them 90 days notice.  We are able to do this under the Residential Tenancies Act with out needing to give a reason.

We sent the notice to the tenants and thought nothing more of it in the meantime until it got closer to the date that they were due to vacate.  We decided to call the tenants reminding them of this date and were absolutely shocked to hear that they had now purchased the property.  Quickly making a call to the owner this was confirmed.

Sorry neighbours, there was nothing we could do and as the law changed regarding this situation I doubt that they could do anything either!

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