I had a rental property that I leased out, and after a short time and with no rent payment I decided to make a visit.   I rushed around to the property to find the most disgusting sight I have ever seen with it being obvious that the tenants had done a runner!  My first thought was ‘what will the landlord say when he see this?’

Being aware of the required notice to enter the premises I made the decision that they had definitely abandoned the property so I went in.  There was rubbish all over the place and the most disgusting smell coming from the hallway.  It was an old house which had a manhole in the hallway roof which was half open.  I thought I would go and talk to the neighbour and ask a few questions about the tenants.  They made it clear that they were glad to hear that they had gone as they were noisy and unfriendly.

I asked them if I could borrow a step ladder as I wanted to look inside the loft.  The kind neighbour helped me take the ladder next door and we propped it up under the manhole.  He also lent me his torch so I could see what was up there.

To my horror there were loads of dirty baby nappies thrown up there!

The other strange thing that they had done was instead of using the perfectly good stove in the kitchen, they had been cooking on a bbq in the lounge and there was fat and filth on the wooden floor.

You really have to question sometimes how people can think that certain lifestyles are acceptable in someone else’s property.

We were never able to locate those tenants again.

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